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DeadlineEasy + Kajabi

How to use DeadlineEasy and Kajabi together.

Boost your sales for marketing campaigns in Kajabi with the help of DeadlineEasy!

Each participant in your campaign will automatically receive a personalized deadline, perfect for webinars, email sequences, automated launches, or any other type of campaign.

Don't miss out on potential revenue by neglecting to use deadlines!

Here's a brief guide on getting started with DeadlineEasy and Kajabi to create your evergreen funnel:

1. Set up your DeadlineEasy campaign

Start by creating a campaign in DeadlineEasy before integrating it with Kajabi.

Define the type of Campaign, deadline duration and add your pages. You can always adjust these later.

After creating your DeadlineEasy campaign, you'll could go on with the next Step.

Next, follow the steps below to integrate with Kajabi.

2. Configure the Kajabi integration

Copy your DeadlineEasy tracking code

Insert the tracking code into the <head> or <body> section of your website or funnel/landing pages. To do this, navigate to Kajabi's Page Scripts under Website > Design > Site Details.

Alternatively, you can use Google Tag Manager to implement scripts on your pages. This is an advanced method, and if you're interested in learning more about it, please email us at [email protected] for assistance.

2. Use the Countdown/Number Timers on your Kajabi Page

For example, create a top/bottom bar for your funnel step within your DeadlineEasy campaign.

3. Include DeadlineEasy Email links in your automation

With the integration up and running, subscribers who pass through your automation will have their DeadlineEasy tracking initiated once they encounter the "webhook" in the automation.
The first crucial aspect of DeadlineEasy tracking is monitoring each subscriber's email address as they progress through your automation.

The second essential component is incorporating DeadlineEasy email links into your automation emails, particularly when linking to a page featuring a DeadlineEasy timer or redirect.

This typically involves your special offer page, which redirects to a different page after the deadline expires.

Check out our guide on adding DeadlineEasy email links to your emails

Please note that correctly integrating DeadlineEasy and Kajabi requires the inclusion of DeadlineEasy links in your emails!

Sales Trigger

Once the Sales Integration is up and running, subscribers going through your Sales Automation will have DeadlineEasy tracking initiated as soon as they hit the "webhook" in the automation.
The first important aspect of DeadlineEasy tracking is monitoring each subscriber's email address as they go through your automation. Furthermore, you also need to add the currency and amount to the webhook URL via personalization so that the correct amount can be assigned to the sale.

For step-by-step instructions, see the article below:

Sales Webhook Setup

Number Trigger

If you want to configure a Number campaign - Limited number of seats etc. and the Number integration is set up and running, a subscriber going through your Number automation will initiate DeadlineEasy tracking and reduce the Number by one when they encounter the "webhook" in the automation.

For step-by-step instructions, see the article below:

Set up Number Webhook

Email Timers

Personalize your Zapier emails with an animated timer. 

Find step-by-step instructions in the article below: